Create apps that blow us away!

Duckhacks is an annual competition held every year during the Spring semester at Stevens. In addition to the competition, there are also workshops and networking opportunities. 

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$920 in prizes

JP Morgan Code for Good Challenge (2)

Wireless Beats headphones

Best Design


Best Overall


Most Techie


Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Be a student at Stevens Institute of Technology

Be of any major, any graduating class and any level (grad or undergrad)

Be ready to have a spectacular weekend

Teams must be 1-4 people


Submission must be made on top to the Devpost


Anna Gomez

Anna Gomez
Senior Analyst @ JPMorgan Chase

James Rowland

James Rowland
Software Engineering Professor @ Stevens Institute of Technology

Kevin W. Lu

Kevin W. Lu
Computer and Electrical Engineering Professor @ Stevens Institute of Technology

Judging Criteria

  • Best Overall
  • Best Design
  • Most Techy